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Comprehensive Overview of Job Portal and Recruitment Platform

Introduction: is a highly acclaimed global job portal designed to simplify and optimize the job search and recruitment process worldwide. This platform is the perfect destination for both job seekers and employers seeking efficient solutions for "jobs" and "jobportal" searches.

Features for Job Seekers:

  1. Refined Job Search:

    • Job seekers can use a detailed search function that includes categories, locations, and salary ranges to find the perfect job match.
  2. Simple Application Process:

    • The platform enables job seekers to easily add their CV and write a brief cover letter.
  3. Private Job Board:

    • Job searching and viewing are restricted to registered job seekers only.
  4. Social Media Login:

    • Streamlined login process using LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google accounts.
  5. Job Alerts:

    • Automated emails with tailored and specific job postings.
  6. Save Jobs:

    • Ability for job seekers to save job postings for later viewing and application.
  7. Resume Parsing:

    • Automatic filling of online resumes with uploaded files for job seekers.

Features for Employers:

  1. Job Posting:

    • Option to choose between receiving applications via email or directing applicants to a specific URL.
  2. Company Profile Page:

    • A branded company profile page including the company's logo, information, website, images, and videos.
  3. Employer Dashboard:

    • Tools for managing job postings, viewing applications, and handling profile settings.
  4. Company Users (Subaccounts):

    • Employers can invite team members to view and post jobs for the same company.
  5. Searching Candidates by Profiles & Resumes:

    • Smart keyword search system for finding the best candidates.
  6. Applicant Tracking:

    • "Kanban" style board for categorizing applications by hiring status.
  7. Resume Alerts:

    • Subscription to resume alerts to receive new job seeker profiles matching their criteria.

Uniqueness and Social Media Network: stands out with its capability to share job postings across a vast network of 270 different social media pages. This feature greatly increases the visibility and effectiveness of job postings, helping employers to precisely target the right audience.

Innovation - "To Work In 24 Hours" Service: introduces the "To Work In 24 Hours" service, a game-changing innovation in the job market offering a faster and more economically efficient job advertisement process. This model reduces recruitment costs and speeds up the process of finding suitable candidates.

Summary: is an innovative and effective job portal that meets the needs of both job seekers and employers. With its versatile features, extensive social media network, and innovative "To Work In 24 Hours" service, this platform is the ideal solution for "jobportal" and "jobs" searches, providing quick and cost-effective solutions on the global job market.